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I received it from Amazon.co.jp as a reservation merchandise.
Obvious difference from vol.1 I can find is that has a cover.
At first sight, there is just a girl that likes vol.1’s one.
Cover picture
But under the cover, there is Holo’s illustration that I know.
Illust version (under the cover)
Actually, I haven’t finished reading vol.1 yet.
Someday, I wanna read them without dictionary.
And that time, I’ll be able to use English with no obstacles.
Last days, I’ve continued English practices,
particularly, memorizing words.
To achieve that, I acquired a game.
The name is “Scribblenauts“.
In the game, it is required with me writing English words.
Then I considered it to be useful for studying vocabularies.
I ordered this on Amazon.co.jp,
and I was surprised that the game was from UK by Airmail.
Now, I enjoy occasional play.
I hope I can improve my skill!